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Montana Acrylic Markers

Photo: Montana Acrylic Markers (blick_montana_markers)

I like to paint the edge of my plates or shallow bowls black with a Montana Cans (brand) 15mm wide "Shock Black" (color) marker.

Montana markers work a lot better than Sharpie markers, etc because they are paint markers that apply acrylic paint. The acrylic paint is thin like ink. It dries to a flat finish. No gloss. Thus, I always top coat my finished pieces with a semi gloss finish. Continue reading Montana Acrylic Markers

Makeup Sponges for Chroma-Guilt

Photo: Makeup Sponges for Chroma-Guilt (makeup_sponges_00)

I have been watching Gourd Art videos. They use Makeup Sponges to apply a thin layer of paint or stain.

I tried applying Chroma-Guilt with a Makeup Sponge. It works great! A lot better than using your finger. You can apply a thin layer with out getting it into your carved or burned pattern! Continue reading Makeup Sponges for Chroma-Guilt

Carl’s Turntable for Finishing

Photo: Carl's Turntable (turn_table_00)

Carl’s Turntable

I often use my homemade turntable (aka lazy susan) when painting and finishing things. It really helps me get a nice even finish on things with out finger prints.

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Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint

Photo: Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint (blick_brush_paint_order)

Click here for a printable PDF of the above or click here to order from the PUBLIC wish list at

I just want my lout Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint

My students asked me to recommend some paint brushes. Like the ones I use in my studio for acrylic painting with the lathe running. Brushes that are not kids junk. Reasonably good quality, not to expensive. Continue reading Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint

Good Cheap Masking Tape

Photo: Good Cheap Masking Tape 1I use a lot of masking tape in my studio. I use it to masking off things when painting. I also use it to protect delicate edges on hollow from rims, etc when sanding.

It is hard to find good masking tape locally at a reasonable price. I started using Blick brand masking tape from Dick Blick on the web ( last year.

I like it. The price is reasonable. Yea, it is a bit thin and feels cheap. But, it works good. The glue is good. I often leave it on pieces for days or even weeks and have not run into any problems removing it. I find myself using this tape more and more often rather than purple or blue masking tape.
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Pistol Style Airbrush

Photo: Pistol  Style Airbrush 1

Pistol Gun Style Airbrush. Some people have a lot of trouble with the trigger on top style of air brush. This pistol gun style trigger airbrush is more money than the $20 Harbor Freight airbrush that I like. But is a better choice for someo people.
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