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Carl’s 4x7x2 Sharpening Jigs

Photo: 4x7x2 Sharpening Jigs System - Set It & Forget It (4x7x2_jigs_page0_blue)

Click here for a PRINTABLE version of the above blueprints.

Students come to my studio and fall in love with my quick and easy grinding jigs. Over the years I have struggled with how can students make there own version of my grinding jigs. This is my solution to the problem. Continue reading Carl’s 4x7x2 Sharpening Jigs

New Pinterest Gallery of Carl’s Wood Art

Photo: New Pinterest Gallery of Carl’s Wood Art 1

I have been working hard on putting together a photo gallery of my wood art on Pinterest.

It’s ready for prime time. Click here to check it out.

I created a user friendly (no Pinterest login required) front end to my big gallery (over 300 items)
on Pinterest.
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Martel 4 Way Caliper

Photo: Martel 4 Way Caliper 1
I have noticed that has been advertising a lot lately. I am not impressed with their products. They are to expensive and the calipers are only single ended (rather than double ended).

If I was going to pay big bucks for a caliper than I would get a “Andre Martel Caliper”. I have one. It was expensive and worth every penny.

Photo: Martel 4 Way Caliper 2The UNIQUE shape of the Martel calipers makes them REALLY useful for measuring the depth of things (plates, bowls and hollow forms) while they are STILL IN THE CHUCK. i.e. I don’t want to go thru the bottom. How much wood do I have left to play with? See pictures below.

The Marten calipers are DESIGNED to work while things are still in a chuck. See photos below. The calibers fit between the jaws on a 4 jaw scroll chuck.
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Sanding Cheat Sheet

Photo: Sanding Cheat Sheet 1
I really hate to sand! I try to avoid it like Covid-19. Thus it seems ironic that I have written a dozen blog entries on sanding.

Here is a cheat sheet for my students that sort of ties all of my sanding blog entries together.
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Turning Smocks & Low Cost Alternatives

Updated: 5/12/2022. I wrote this blog entry roughly 3 years ago. Google says it is poplar. Thus, I am updating it to say things have not really changed much in the last 3 years. Well, yea prices have gone up.

I updated some links. I don’t have time to update all the prices. They have gone up by roughly $5 to $10.

Turning Smocks & Low Cost Alternatives Photo: Turning Smocks 1

Over the years I have owned a number of different turning smocks. Here are MY thoughts.

Sooner or later every turner decides they need a turning smock. Because, sooner or later nature calls and you just don’t have time to shed all the wood chips, etc. She who must be obeyed, has a no wood chips in the house policy!

In A Nutshell

I like the AAW Turning Smock best. I absolutely HATE the blue color. The dark grey one is not a whole lot better. But, I have found the lightweight, short sleeve and roomy design works best. It is easy to get on and off. It easily sheds wood chips. Continue reading Turning Smocks & Low Cost Alternatives