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Carl’s Modern Woodturning Tool Set

Photo: Carl’s Modern Woodturning Tool Set Page 1

Updated 5/3/2024 : An update to the document is long overdue. It has been delayed because I no longer have access to the Framemaker program that I used to create this document. I am in the process of making a new HTML based doc for my bog.

It has been delayed by taking pictures, etc. I am making a few direct changes to the PDF via Acrobat program in the mean time.

Click here for the demo handout PDF updated on 5/3/2024.

I like many turners, started out by purchasing a set of tools from a well known manufacturer. Then while attending classes, demos and symposiums, I learned that I did not need most of the tools in the set. Modern turners have moved on beyond the scrapers and spindle turning tools featured in the old fashion sets still sold by many well known manufactures.
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