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Blue & Purple Masking Tape

Photo: Blue & Purple Masking Tape 1

Updated: 4/7/2023. I still like the Blue & Purple masking tape shown here. However, I almost never use them. Most of the time I now use the “Dick Blick” masking tape shown below. I have decided that it looks and feels cheap but it really works a lot better than your run of the mill cheap masking tape.

You can live the Blick tape on things for a while and it still comes off. Like days. Maybe a week. Not months. It is thin but it does a good job blocking paint when you spray pain or airbrush things. See my Good Cheap Masking Tape blog entry for more info.

Photo: Blue & Purple Masking Tape 2
I recently started using the new Purple masking tape. I like it. It works good on top of a layer of sealer. You can easily remove it with no residue left behind.

The tape is made by 3M Scotch “Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape #2080”. Look for the 2080 number!
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Klingspor Sandpaper Rolls

Klingspor Sandpaper Rolls

I am now using sandpaper rolls from Klingspor for all of my hand sanding. Rather than “Porter Cable Stikit Sandpaper”. I still like the Stikit paper but it is to hard to get.
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Nylon Mesh Sanding Rolls (aka Synthetic Steel Wool)

Photo: Nylon Mesh Sanding Rolls (aka Synthetic Steel Wool) 1

I want to document this here in my blog for my students.

The Nylon Mesh Sanding Rolls (aka Synthetic Steel Wool, aka Scotch Brite Pads) that I use are:
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Power Carving Textures

Photo: Power Carving Textures 1

Updated: 8/10/2022. This is an old blog entry. All of the information is still valid. But, you should also click here to check out my other “Carving” blog entries.

Here is some information I put together for a Power Carving Textures demo that I am doing at my local club.

I learned most of the stuff presented here in various wood turning symposiums and classes. Mostly from Al Stirt.

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Blue Flex Sanding Disks

Photo: Blue Flex Disks (vince_blue_flex_discs)

Updated: 1/30/2023. No change bars. I changed it to much.

I like the “Blue Flex” sanding disk sold by Vince’s Wooden Wonders ( I have been using these for a long time and I am very happy. Continue reading Blue Flex Sanding Disks