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Add V-Arm Shaft Collar

Photo: Add V-Arm Shaft Collar (shaft_collar_arm_grinder)

Add a Shaft Collar to Oneway Wolverine V-Arm.

Photo: Two Piece Shaft CollarI have added a two-piece shaft collar to the V-Arm on my Oneway Wolverine grinding jig. It allows me to quickly and easily install the V-Arm with out fusing around. See photos. Continue reading Add V-Arm Shaft Collar

Carl’s 4x7x2 Sharpening Jigs

Photo: 4x7x2 Sharpening Jigs System - Set It & Forget It (4x7x2_jigs_page0_blue)

Click here for a PRINTABLE version of the above blueprints.

Students come to my studio and fall in love with my quick and easy grinding jigs. Over the years I have struggled with how can students make there own version of my grinding jigs. This is my solution to the problem. Continue reading Carl’s 4x7x2 Sharpening Jigs

Vevor vs Easy Grind vs Oneway Vari-Grind Jig

Photo: Vevor vs Easy Grind vs Oneway Vari-Grind Jig (vari_grind_compare)

Recently two new manufactures have started making "Vari-Grind Jigs" that are very similar to the well known Oneway Vari-Grind jig that has been around for a long time.

I own all 3 of these jigs. Here is what I have found.

In a nutshell. I recommend people go with the Oneway Vari-Grind Jig. Continue reading Vevor vs Easy Grind vs Oneway Vari-Grind Jig

2×4 Harbor Freight Airbrush Holder

Photo: 2×4 Harbor Freight Airbrush Holder 1

I like to spray Chroma Craft Wood Dyes from cheap Harbor Freight Airbrushes. The airbrushes are cheap. Around $22 each on 4/30/2022. Thus, I like to have one airbrush for each color. Like Nick Agar does in his demos and classes.

The airbrushes are a pain to deal with when not in use. They don’t stand up on there own. Thus, I created a cheap holder out of a 2×4 with a series of 1-1/2″ diameter holes.

I painted the 2×4 white so I could spray color samples next to each hole.

I really like this holder. I can easily move it around and store it on a shelf.
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Carl’s Turntable for Finishing

Photo: Carl's Turntable (turn_table_00)

Carl’s Turntable

I often use my homemade turntable (aka lazy susan) when painting and finishing things. It really helps me get a nice even finish on things with out finger prints.

Continue reading Carl’s Turntable for Finishing

Martel 4 Way Caliper

Photo: Martel 4 Way Caliper 1
I have noticed that has been advertising a lot lately. I am not impressed with their products. They are to expensive and the calipers are only single ended (rather than double ended).

If I was going to pay big bucks for a caliper than I would get a “Andre Martel Caliper”. I have one. It was expensive and worth every penny.

Photo: Martel 4 Way Caliper 2The UNIQUE shape of the Martel calipers makes them REALLY useful for measuring the depth of things (plates, bowls and hollow forms) while they are STILL IN THE CHUCK. i.e. I don’t want to go thru the bottom. How much wood do I have left to play with? See pictures below.

The Marten calipers are DESIGNED to work while things are still in a chuck. See photos below. The calibers fit between the jaws on a 4 jaw scroll chuck.
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