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Revolutionary New 110 Volt Lathes

Photo: Revolutionary New 110 Volt Lathes 1
Laguna Revo 15/24 Lathe and Powermatic 2014 Lathe

Updated: 4/15/2021. I purchased a Powermatic 2014 Lathe. I wanted to review it. See my Carl’s New Powermatic 2014 Lathe blog entry.

It seems like, there is a new lathe on the market every time you pick up a new issue of a woodturning magazine. Most of them are of little or no interest to me. However, recently two new lathes have come out that really get my attention. I think they are going to become very popular. I think the new Powermatic 2014 is really going to revolutionize the under $2000 market.

The new lathes are in the $2000 price range. A very popular price range.
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