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Carl’s Overhead Light Bar (and Camera Bar)

Photo: Carl's Overhead Steel (or Wood) Light (& Camera) Bar (carls_light_bar_page1_blue)

Click here for a black & white PRINTABLE version of the above blueprint.

Over the last 20+ years I have seen and used a lot of lathe lighting solutions. I have gone thru a number of different solutions in my studio. I started with incandescent Moffatt flex arm lights when they were all the rage. Then, I moved on to …

Then roughly 10+ years ago, I came up with my own Overhead Light Bar system with magnetically attached LED lights. See above drawing and photos below. Continue reading Carl’s Overhead Light Bar (and Camera Bar)

Better Floor Sweep

Photo: Better Floor Sweep 1
Photo: Better Floor Sweep 2Last year I went out and looked for a better floor sweep. I actually found one that I really like. It is made by “Powertec” model #70282. Around $50 on Amazon on 5/2021.

Why is it better? Because the handle is adjustable! You can EASILY rotate the handle up/down and you can EASILY slide it up or down the clear tube.

Short people can move the handle down. Tall people can move it up. No more disagreements with my vertically challenged tall students.
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Gojo Supro Max

Photo: Gojo Supro Max 1
Gojo Supro Max is amazing stuff. The advertising says “Wash away your heaviest grease and grime including tar, oil, asphalt, and adhesives without harsh solvents.”
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Floor Mats

Photo: Floor Mats 1

I have a concrete floor in my studio.  I also have flat feet, thus I need really good floor mats in my studio.  Over the years I have tried lots of different options for floor mats.

I tried the cheap ones from Home Depot, etc. When they were not soft enough, I tried stacking up the cheap ones, etc.  I even let someone at a AAW symposium talk me into a really expensive $200 mat. A sucker is born every minute! I hate that mat with a passion!  It will not stay put!  It is always sliding out of position!  Err!!!

A few years ago I decided to change all of my mats to the expensive kitchen mats with holes from Rubber-Cal.  If they are good enough for chiefs who stand on them all day in the kitchen then they are good enough for me.

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Face Shields

Photo: Face Shields 1

People are always asking me about face shields.

In A Nut Shell

I have found that face shields are HIGHLY PERSONAL. What one person likes, others will hate!

Therefore you should try before you buy. Try at a class, school, club or a friends house.

I have several different models of face shields in my studio. I can never predict in advance what people will like. Continue reading Face Shields

Lathe Shower Curtains

Lathe Shower Curtains

A “Lathe Curtains” tip in the December 2014 issue of the AAW Journal magazine inspired me. I decided to replace the dirty old painters tarps I used in my studio to control wood shavings with some nice new shower curtains. The new curtains work great and look great.

People say I have never seen an idea, I can’t improve. They may be right. I liked the “use cloth shower curtains” idea but the track, hooks and string shown in the article were to wimpy and expensive for me. I decided to make my own long and cheap hooks and hang them from cheap EMT pipe. Continue reading Lathe Shower Curtains