Maple Log Delivery 12/2022

Photo: Maple Log Delivery 12/2022 1 Now this is the way you should have your logs delivered!

I just had 2 big White Pine trees removed in my back side yard by Osorio Tree Service. The owner is interested in Woodturning. He took away the crappy pine logs and gave me a couple of nice maple logs. Continue reading Maple Log Delivery 12/2022

Carl’s 4x7x2 Sharpening Jigs

Photo: 4x7x2 Sharpening Jigs System - Set It & Forget It (4x7x2_jigs_page0_blue)

Click here for a PRINTABLE version of the above blueprints.

Students come to my studio and fall in love with my quick and easy grinding jigs. Over the years I have struggled with how can students make there own version of my grinding jigs. This is my solution to the problem. Continue reading Carl’s 4x7x2 Sharpening Jigs

Vevor vs Easy Grind vs Oneway Vari-Grind Jig

Photo: Vevor vs Easy Grind vs Oneway Vari-Grind Jig (vari_grind_compare)

Recently two new manufactures have started making "Vari-Grind Jigs" that are very similar to the well known Oneway Vari-Grind jig that has been around for a long time.

I own all 3 of these jigs. Here is what I have found.

In a nutshell. I recommend people go with the Oneway Vari-Grind Jig. Continue reading Vevor vs Easy Grind vs Oneway Vari-Grind Jig

Finger Cots Protect Skin

Finger Cots Tip

Here is my “Finger Cots Protect Skin” tip that appeared in the “Tips” section on page 17 of the AAW August 2022 “American Woodturner” Journal.
Continue reading Finger Cots Protect Skin

Bowl Gouge Cleaning Wheel

Bowl Gouge Cleaning Wheel

I like to clean my bowl gouges with a 3″ nylon wheel attached to the side of my grinder when turning green wood.

I clean my gouges BEFORE I sharpen them. When I go to the grinder to sharpen a gouge. It is quick and easy. Continue reading Bowl Gouge Cleaning Wheel

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