Golden Ratio Calipers

Photo: Golden Ratio Calipers (cbf_golden_ratio_calipers_blueprint_0)

I made a set of "Golden Ratio Calipers".

I like to use the "Golden Ratio" (1.618…) when creating hollow forms and wide rim plates. It allows me to create things with pleasing proportions found in nature.

The golden ratio tells me where the widest diameter of a hollow form should be relative to the top and bottom. It also tells we how big the bowl in the center of wide rim bowl or plate should be. Continue reading Golden Ratio Calipers

New Pinterest Gallery of Carl’s Wood Art

Photo: New Pinterest Gallery of Carl’s Wood Art 1

I have been working hard on putting together a photo gallery of my wood art on Pinterest.

It’s ready for prime time. Click here to check it out.

I created a user friendly (no Pinterest login required) front end to my big gallery (over 300 items)
on Pinterest.
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Burnishing Tool for Wood Lathe

Photo: Burnishing Tool (burnishing_tool_00)

I like to burnish the textures that I create with my Sorby Spiraling and Texture Tool. The burnishing step smooths the texture, pushes down any burrs that sticking up, etc. It makes things look better.

Note: You should also check out my “Crown Verses Sorby Spiraling & Texturing Tool” blog entry.

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Sharpening & Buffing Lathe Attachment

Sharpening & Buffing Lathe Attachment

I created a “Sharpening and Buffing Attachment” for my wood lathe. I use it to sharpen my wood carving gouges and to buff my metal spinning tools.

It attaches to my lathe via a 4 jaw chuck in expansion mode. Thus it is cheap and easy to make. Continue reading Sharpening & Buffing Lathe Attachment

Center Drill Set

Photo: Center Drill Set 1

Twist drills bits may tend to wander when started in metals or hard woods. Thus, I use a “Center Drill” to create a starting hole for twist drills when I want to drill a precise hole.
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Leaner, Meaner & Faster

Photo: Leaner, Meaner & Faster 1

Updated: 5/6/2022. Time marches on. Check out the HISTORY section at the bottom of Carl’ Woodturning Blog Intro for latest information.

Not me!    My blog and web site!    Well, maybe NOT meaner!
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