Carl’s Modern Woodturning Tool Set

Photo: Carl’s Modern Woodturning Tool Set 1

Click here for the demo handout PDF.

I like many turners, started out by purchasing a set of tools from a well known manufacturer. Then while attending classes, demos and symposiums, I learned that I did not need most of the tools in the set. Modern turners have moved on beyond the scrapers and spindle turning tools featured in the old fashion sets still sold by many well known manufactures.
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Hard Versus Soft Maple – The Wood Database

The Wood Database - Differences Between Hard Maple and Soft Maple
The Wood Database – Differences Between Hard Maple and Soft Maple

It seems like people always put the word “Hard” before the word “Maple”. So when people tell me they have a nice “Hard Maple” log, I think it is really probably “Soft Maple”.  Because that is what I find when I cut into the log.

Real Hard Maple needs to be species Acer Saccharum. Which is commonly known as Hard, Rock or Sugar Maple. Soft Maple is Silver, Red, Striped, Bigleaf Maple or Box Elder.
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Handy Sandpaper

I like to keep my sandpaper handy and organized. Here is how I do it.

Photo: Handy Sandpaper Handy Sandpaper

Here is how I keep my sandpaper handy. I attach it to 1/8" plywood boards and hang it up.

When I am ready to use the sandpaper I take the board over to the lathe and set it on the "ways" of the lathe.

Then all the grits are handy for quick changes.

I have one board for 2" disks and another board for 3" disks. I recently added a third board for chunks of my Stikit sandpaper.

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Hosaluk Woodturning DVD

I just finished watching a Michael Hosaluk DVD I really liked.

“The Art of Hosaluk in Woodturning” by Michael Hosaluk.

The Art of Hosaluk in Woodturning DVDAt $60 the 2 DVD set is not cheap.  But, I think it is reasonable because it is a 2 DVD set.  Each DVD is 3.5 hours.   Twice as long as most DVDs.  So it is more like 4 DVDs for $15 each.   Available from Michael  or Packard (

1st DVD

The first DVD shows how to make (turn, band saw, carve, wood burn, paint, etc)  well known Hosaluk projects from his demos and classes.  A spin top,  a base ball, offset turning, strange fruit, tea pot,  footed bowl, and candle sticks.

There is lots of good detail.  At the end you feel like you can make each of these projects, no problem.

The chapter on offset turning is one of the best I have seen.  Michael and the overhead camera angle, make it look so easy and predictable.

The chapters on tea pot and candlesticks were very interesting.  I have often struggled with how to band saw strange shapes safely and how to drill perpendicular holes in round shapes.  Michael showed some great, easy and cheap tips that are definitely being added to my arsenal.

I didn’t think, Michael could teach me anything about bowls.  I was wrong!  He showed how to easily cut feet into the bottom of a bowl with a Japanese saw.

2nd DVD

The second DVD is covers making a sea form box, good form, surface enhancement, design ideas, painting, tools and photo gallery.

The Sea Form Box chapter is very interesting with lots of good tips.  Good and simple demo of how to use a hook tool.  Lots of band saw and glue up tips.

I of course loved the chapter on Painting because I love lots of color. All of my acrylic painted stuff uses the techniques I learned in a class with Michael.

The images in Photo Gallery were stunning.  There are lots of other examples of Michael’s work scatter thru out the DVDs.  With a good discussion of them in Surface Enhancement and Design Ideas chapters.


In the DVDs Michael explains how to use his double beveled detail gouge, roughing gouge, and a hook tool.    He also uses a spindle gouge and skew in a few places.

The pace of the DVDs is good.  Not to fast and not to slow.   Michael “gets to the point” but there is no need to rush when each DVD is 3.5 hours.   The shooting angles in the DVDs are very good.  Good overhead shots show how Michael is using the tools.  Cutting angles, etc.

There is a preview of the DVDs on Youtube at

Featured in AAW Members’ Gallery

Photo: Featured in AAW Members’ Gallery 1

My work was recently featured on page 57 in the “Members’ Gallery” section of the August 2014 issue of “American Woodturner” the Journal of the American Association of Woodturners.
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Stikit Sandpaper

Updated: 12/16/2019. This blog entry is now OBSOLETE! I am now using sandpaper rolls from Klingspor for all of my hand sanding. Rather than “Porter Cable Stikit Sandpaper”. See my new “Klingspor Sandpaper Rolls” blog entry.
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