Lathe Disk Sander

Photo: Lathe Disk Sander (lathe_disk_sander_01)

Lathe Disk Sander

A variable speed lathe makes a great disk sander. You can adjust the speed of the sanding disk to control how fast you remove wood and to avoid burning the end grain on woods like Cherry.

Home made 12" disk sander mounted on my Powermatic 3520B lathe.

Notice the dust hood behind the sander. I have a big powerful dust collector so the hood is close enough.

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Morse Taper Drills on Ebay

Photo: Morse Taper Drills on Ebay 1
I like to use Morse Taper drills in the tailstock of my lathe to drill holes.

Photo: Morse Taper Drills on Ebay 2Updated: 4/18/2021. The selection of Morse Taper drills on Ebay has sort of dried up.

Reasonably priced imported MT drills are sold by Victor Machinery (

You should also check out my “Cheap Big Drills” bog entry.

Ebay is a good place to purchase large Morse Taper drills cheap.
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Antique Candlestick Demo

Photo: Antique Candlestick Demo 1

Click here for the PDF demo handout.

Turning new Antique Candlesticks is a great way to improve your spindle turning skills and use up scraps of wood.

I call them “antiques” because I use up old scraps of wood with cracks and knots. Then I use Milk Paint to give them that antique look and feel.

Please contact me if you would like me to do this demo for your club or symposium.

Big Gulp Dust Hood

Photo: Big Gulp Dust Hood 1

Someone asked about the Dust Collector in the photo behind my 3520B lathe.

I like the “Big Gulp Dust Hood” from PSI (Penn State Industries) sold on Amazon, Rockler, etc. I have tried others and I have made my own. I like the Big Gulp because it catches lots of dust and it can be rigged up to hang nicely.

If you live in the Poughkeepsie NY area the best place to get your dust fittings is from Jim at Warren Cutlery in Rhinebeck. Jim tried to keep them in stock.

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C-Line Sheet Protectors

I found a C-Line Sheet Protector at a local craft store that I really like.

It works good for protecting my reference papers while turning. The Neon Orange color makes it easy to find. It is made of tough clear plastic with a nice grommet that allows me to hang it up.

They are made by Style #43912 Workshop Ticket Holder.

You can get them on Amazon. Around $4 each. Or 25 for $26. Search for C-Line 43912

Craft in America on Create TV

I have been watching  “Craft In America” TV series on PBS.

Photo: Craft in America on Create TV 1
I really liked the “Forge” episode.   The Silversmith and Metal Sculpture were interesting.

I also liked the Potters on the “Crossroads” episode.

Often things done by potters are easy to translate into Woodturning.

Currently they are rerunning the Craft in America series on WLIW21 Create TV channel in New York area.

I often find something of value in each episode.  But, no episode is a complete winner.

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