Painting On The Lathe For Dummies Demo

Photo: Painting On The Lathe For Dummies Demo 1

Click here for the PDF demo handout.

Adding color via paint and/or stain to your turnings is a great way to spice up boring wood. It allows you to make beautiful pieces out of cheap wood. Painting with the lathe running is easy! Anyone can do it.

This demo focuses on three different easy techniques: • Painting between the lines using Acrylic Paints. • Coloring between the lines using Sharpe Permanent Magic. Markers. • Full coverage color using Woodburst Stains.

Please contact me if you would like me to do this demo for your club or symposium.

Carl’s Custom Centering Cones

Photo: Carl’s Custom Centering Cones 1

I could not live without my Custom Centering Cones that I have turned out of ultar-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene. I have turned lots of different shapes and use them often.  
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Vacuum Chucks Demo

Photo: Vacuum Chucks Demo 1

Click here for the PDF demo handout.

What are they? What are they good for? What do I need to set up my own Vacuum Chuck System? How can I keep the cost down?

Updated 9/4/2020: I am no longer interested in doing this demo. There is still some good info in the handout. Thus, I am leaving it on the web.

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