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Winter 2020 Studio Class

Photo: Winter 2020 Studio Class 1

My Winter 2020 Studio Classes got off to a great start his week. Here are some photos of Tom Gorbutt decorating the top of his cake stand with spin art.
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Carl’s Photo Studio 2018

Carl’s Photo Studio 2018 Photo: Photo Setup 2018

Here is my new photo setup. I started using it in 2018. I am very happy with it.

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A Day in My “Winter 2018 Studio Class”

Tom, Scott & Steve with Finished Pieces Photo: Tom, Scott & Steve with Finished Pieces

Here are 3 students with the pieces they made in my class on Thursday 3/22/2018.

Left to right. Tom, Scott, and Steve.

They were taking my "2018 Winter Woodturning Workshop" class in my Studio in Poughkeepsie NY.

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Carl’s Studio July 2015

Here are some photos of my studio in July of 2015.

Note: Click here for more studio info.

Updated: 3/2/2023. I took these photos in 2015. Things have not really changed much since then. Cleaning things up for photos takes time. I rather spend my time turning and making other more useful blog entries. Thus, these photos are good enough for now.

Photo: Carl Ford Studio Woodturner Carl Ford Studio Woodturner

The entrance to Aladdin's Cave
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