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Carl’s Turntable for Finishing

Photo: Carl's Turntable (turn_table_00)

Carl’s Turntable

I often use my homemade turntable (aka lazy susan) when painting and finishing things. It really helps me get a nice even finish on things with out finger prints.

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Octagon Template Cuts Corners

Octagon Template Cuts Corners

Photo: Octagon Template Cuts Corners 1
Here is my “Octagon Template Cuts Corners” tip that appeared in the “Tips” section on page 15 of the AAW August 2020 “American Woodturner” Journal.
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Carl’s Carving Stand

Photo: Carl's Carving Stand (cbf_carving_stand)

Over the years I have seen and made a number of different carving stand designs. Here is my latest design. It is bare bones simple and works good! I really like it. Continue reading Carl’s Carving Stand

Handy Rod for Oneway Live Center

Photo: Handy Rod for Oneway Live Center 1

Here is a quick tip. You need a rod to install or remove cones on a Oneway Live center. I like to keep the rod handy by attaching it to the tailstock on my lathe with a piece of nice flexible stranded wire.
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Carl’s Grinder Stand

Note: This is actually part of an old blog entry that I split out of my January 13th, 2013 “Low Cost Industrial Bench Grinder” blog append while fixing up the photos on my blog.

Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 1
Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 2

I mounted my new grinder on a new grinder stand.  It’s my 2nd generation stand.  My 1st generation stand was good. This one is even better.   A friend was over last week and, he really liked the height of my grinder.  Center of grinder wheel is 46″ off the floor.
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Short Quick Release Tool Handle

Photo: Short Quick Release Tool Handle 1

Short Quick Release Tool Handle

I recently made a shorter 10" version of the 16" long 5/8" Quick Release Tool Handle made by Jimmy Clewes. I made the one with the red stripes in above photo. I like it. Continue reading Short Quick Release Tool Handle