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Green Wood Sealer

I always recommend “AnchorSeal CLASSIC” when people ask me about Green Wood Sealer!

It is manufactured by UC Coatings in Buffalo, NY. They manufacture two versions of the stuff.

1. AnchorSeal Classic for …, Woodturning Blanks, …

2. AnchorSeal 2 for … A more environmentally friendly version of AnchorSeal Classic.

I DO NOT like AnchorSeal 2. AnchorSeal Classic works better on logs and blanks for Woodturning. Most turners seem to agree with me.
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RG45 Gas Welding Rod

Photo: RG45 Gas Welding Rod 1

Anyone who has ever been to my studio knows that I love to hang things up with RG45 Gas Welding Rod. I keep a good supply of it on hand and use it for all kinds of things.
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Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint

Photo: Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint (blick_brush_paint_order)

Click here for a printable PDF of the above or click here to order from the PUBLIC wish list at https://www.dickblick.com/lists/wishlist/RTC7CC6JLRZF1

I just want my lout Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint

My students asked me to recommend some paint brushes. Like the ones I use in my studio for acrylic painting with the lathe running. Brushes that are not kids junk. Reasonably good quality, not to expensive. Continue reading Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint

Good Cheap Masking Tape

Photo: Good Cheap Masking Tape 1I use a lot of masking tape in my studio. I use it to masking off things when painting. I also use it to protect delicate edges on hollow from rims, etc when sanding.

It is hard to find good masking tape locally at a reasonable price. I started using Blick brand masking tape from Dick Blick on the web (www.dickblick.com) last year.

I like it. The price is reasonable. Yea, it is a bit thin and feels cheap. But, it works good. The glue is good. I often leave it on pieces for days or even weeks and have not run into any problems removing it. I find myself using this tape more and more often rather than purple or blue masking tape.
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Blue & Purple Masking Tape

Photo: Blue & Purple Masking Tape 1
Photo: Blue & Purple Masking Tape 2
I recently started using the new Purple masking tape. I like it. It works good on top of a layer of sealer. You can easily remove it with no residue left behind.

The tape is made by 3M Scotch “Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape #2080”. Look for the 2080 number!
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