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C-Line Sheet Protectors

I found a C-Line Sheet Protector at a local craft store that I really like.

It works good for protecting my reference papers while turning. The Neon Orange color makes it easy to find. It is made of tough clear plastic with a nice grommet that allows me to hang it up.

They are made by C-Line.com. Style #43912 Workshop Ticket Holder.

You can get them on Amazon. Around $4 each. Or 25 for $26. Search for C-Line 43912


Photo: McMaster-Carr 1

People are always asking me where did you get that?   And, my answer is always “Mcmaster”.

Mcmaster-Carr is an old time industrial supply company with a very efficient modern business model.  It’s a big cut above all of it competitors like Travelers, Enco, MSC, Grainger, etc for the following reasons.  

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