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Awesome Big Carving Burs

Photo: Awesome Big Carving Burs 1 I went on a quest to find some good BIG carving burs after watching Andrew Daniels (FromASeed) on YouTube and Instagram. I gave up after not finding anything that looked good.

Then one day I was ordering some steel tubing from McMaster-Carr and checked out their carving burs. The price was more than I would have liked. But, McMaster does not sell cheap crap. So, I tried a couple of them and I was HOOKED.

I highly recommend the McMaster burs shown below. They are awesome. They run absolutely dead true at high speed and they do not create a lot of tear out. Continue reading Awesome Big Carving Burs

Drill Brush

Photo: Drill Brush 1
I am now using a “Drill Brush” to clean up my power carvings. To remove wood fuzz, etc. It is a good cheap alternative to a “3M Roloc Bristle Disc”. See above photo.
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Carl’s Carving Stand

Photo: Carl's Carving Stand (cbf_carving_stand)

Over the years I have seen and made a number of different carving stand designs. Here is my latest design. It is bare bones simple and works good! I really like it. Continue reading Carl’s Carving Stand

New Power Carving Burs 2021

Photo: New Power Carving Burs 2021 1
In the last year I have been playing around with some new power carving burs. Well, maybe the big 3 wing ones are not really burs. I saw and learned about most of them on Instagram.

Friends and students who have visited my studio really like them. They asked me to write about them.

I like all of them. But, I don’t like the price! They are definitely not cheap!
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Round Ball Carving Burs

I have been on a quest to find some good carving burs for a while. The market seems to be flooded with way to much crap coming in from China, etc. Burs that do not run true at high speed. They vibrate all over the place at high speed.

I have also been looking for round ball carving burs bigger than a 3/16″.
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Sanding Wheel Brush

Photo: Sanding Wheel Brush 1

I have found that the “Sanding Wheel Brushes” from McMaster-Carr are a good alternative to the “3M Radial Bristle Discs” that I talk about in my “Power Carving Textures” blog entry.
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