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Led Flashlight for Hollowing

Photo: Hollowing LED Light (hollowing_led_00)

My students and I have discovered that the "NextLED NT-7647 20-Inch Gooseneck Flashlight" makes a great light for looking inside of vases and hollow forms. Continue reading Led Flashlight for Hollowing

Storage Baskets

Photo: Storage Baskets (storage_baskets_00)

It seems like I am always ordering more storage baskets from Amazon. I keep finding more and more uses for them around my studio.

They are good for storing all kinds of things. Acrylic paints, sanding supplies, spray cans, etc. Continue reading Storage Baskets

Carl’s Overhead Light Bar (and Camera Bar)

Photo: Carl's Overhead Steel (or Wood) Light (& Camera) Bar (carls_light_bar_page1_blue)

Click here for a black & white PRINTABLE version of the above blueprint.

Over the last 20+ years I have seen and used a lot of lathe lighting solutions. I have gone thru a number of different solutions in my studio. I started with incandescent Moffatt flex arm lights when they were all the rage. Then, I moved on to …

Then roughly 10+ years ago, I came up with my own Overhead Light Bar system with magnetically attached LED lights. See above drawing and photos below. Continue reading Carl’s Overhead Light Bar (and Camera Bar)

DIY Magnetic Light Base

Photo: DIY Light Base (magnetic_light_base_00)

I like to add my own magnetic bases to my IKEA Jansjo or QUANS gooseneck LED lights. I have gooseneck LED lights on magnetic bases all over my studio. On my lathes, bandsaws, drill press, and grinders. On the dust hood in my carving area, etc.

This blog entry shows some examples of my lights in use, talks about magnet and light options, and then step by step instructions on how to make your own magnetic bases.

The above photos shows two of my lights. The one on the left is two LED gooseneck lights on a $7 "Ceramic Cup Magnet" with 80 pounds of holding power. The one on the right is two LED gooseneck lights on a $13 "Harbor Freight On/Off Switched Magnetic Base" with 45 pounds of holding power.

All of the LED goosenecks light in the photo are "QUANS 5W COB LED Gooseneck Light" lights. Each light is 500 lumens each. Two of them is like two old fashion 60 watt incandescent light bulbs.

Continue reading DIY Magnetic Light Base

QUANS Led Lamp replacement for IKEA Jansjo Led Lamp

Photo: QUANS Led Lamp replacement for IKEA Jansjo Led Lamp (ikea_and_quans)

I have lots of IKEA Jansjo Led Lamps in my studio. 4 or 5 of them over each lathe. My students and I love them. They are the perfect light! Not to bright, not to dim. The 19" gooseneck is not to stiff or soft. It stays put were you put it. HOWEVER, they are out of production. IKEA stopped selling them several years ago.

I have been looking for a good replacement for my students for the last couple of years. I think I have finally found one. It is the "QUANS 5W COB LED Gooseneck Light". The Amazon price is $17 on 10/11/2023. Note: I have seen the same light for a lot more other places.

Continue reading QUANS Led Lamp replacement for IKEA Jansjo Led Lamp

Roman Carbide Forstner Drill Bits

Photo: Roman Carbide Forstner Drill Bits (roman_carbide_bits)

Finally a set of Forstner bits that I can write home about! I have been looking for a GOOD new set of Forstner drill bits at a PRICE I COULD AFFORD for a long time! My old set is way to dull and can not be sharpened. Continue reading Roman Carbide Forstner Drill Bits