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Carl’s Sanding Backup Pads

Photo: Carl's Sanding Backup Pads (sanding_backup_pads_blue)

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I like Sanding Backup Pads (mandrels) that are thin, low profile and HARD. I add (attach) firm or soft foam interface pads to make them softer as needed.

I don't like thicker pads. Low profile pads are better at getting into the tight space between headstock and bowl. Continue reading Carl’s Sanding Backup Pads

Inside Bottom Sanding Stick

Photo: Inside Bottom Sanding Stick 1

When I need to sand the inside bottom of a vase I like to use a sanding stick made out of styrofoam. The stuff they sell at Home Depot, etc to insulate foundations. They call it “Rigid Foam Board Insulation”. I use the 2″ thick stuff.

Why styrofoam rather than a wooden dowel? It hurts a lot less if the lathe rips the sanding stick out of my hands and it hits me!
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3M Roloc Bristle Disc

Photo: 3M Roloc Bristle Disc 1
I am now using “3M ROLOC Bristle Discs” to clean up my carvings on almost FLAT things. See above photo.

The ROLOC discs are a lot tougher than “3M Radial Bristle Discs” or “Sanding Wheel Brushes” from McMaster-Carr. You can really go at it and scrub a piece with a Roloc disc.

The Roloc discs work best on almost flat things or on the outside of bowls or hollow forms.
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Sanding Cheat Sheet

Photo: Sanding Cheat Sheet 1
I really hate to sand! I try to avoid it like Covid-19. Thus it seems ironic that I have written a dozen blog entries on sanding.

Here is a cheat sheet for my students that sort of ties all of my sanding blog entries together.
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Sanding Wet Wood

Photo: Sanding Wet Wood 1
Old school wisdom says you can’t sand wet wood. i.e. something you turned out of a fresh log. You have to wait for the wood to dry out, then sand it.

If you try to sand with old school PAPER backed sandpaper the wood turns to mush and almost immediately clogs your sandpaper. You can’t wash off paper backed sandpaper with water. The paper just turns to mush.

Red Siasoft and Mirka Autonet are game changers. When the wood turns to mush and clogs up Red Siasoft you can do one of two things.
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Red Siasoft Sandpaper

Photo: Red Siasoft Sandpaper 1
Long ago Michael Hosaluk turned me on to using Siasoft Red Foam Backed sandpaper. I really like it. It is tougher than nails and works great on spindle turnings and wet wood. You can wash it out with water. Then reuse it over and over.

Red Siasoft works great for two things.
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