Use Blog Search Box


Meta Description: Carl' recommends using the "Search Box" on his blog or "All Posts by Category" blog page to find things on his blog or Google.


Use Blog Search Box

Use the search box under the green magnifying glass to find things on my blog. See photo above.

The search function is powered by WordPress and is pretty damn good and fast!

Here is an example of the results of a search for “spiraling tool“.

Example of Search

Use All Posts by Category

Use All Posts by Category

You can also go to “All Posts By Category” (see above photo) then search on this page with your Web Browser via “Ctrl F” (see photo below).

Use Web Browser Ctrl F

Just Google It

Just Google ItI have worked hard on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for by Blog. Thus you can just Google It.

Start your search with “Carl Ford” for example “Carl Ford Spiraling Tool”

Life's Too Short To Use Crappy Tools!